HCGThe HCG, or commonly known by other people as human chorionic gonadotropin, is now torn into two. Although this substance is known for helping some individuals achieve their weight goal by having this injected to their system and being subjected to a low calorie diet and having exercises, the FDA does not seem to agree. The HCG weight loss controversial has been going around for quite some time now. And to some states, it was banned and health officials are not encouraging people to use it to cure obesity.

As most people know, HCG is a type of hormone taken from pregnant women. The trend of using this hormone to treat obese people, subjecting them on a low calorie diet as well as a strict workout, has become popular especially when claims are made that it is really effective. And because of this, the FDA made a stand that this diet process is not approved, especially the use of the hormones from pregnant women.

And because there are claims that the HCG is really effective, many clinics and HCG locations were made to cater to some people’s needs. However, the problem is, not all of HCG1them are legally operating or are not allowed to operate. This is why, even if the hormone can make a great difference to overweight individuals in a positive way, many people are still baffled and are having second thoughts about it. And maybe when the right time comes and more studies are made, the use of human chorionic gonadotropin will be concluded as effective.

If you are planning to use this method as a means of losing weight, it is very important to know all information needed and to ask for your doctor’s opinion. Remember that some methods or supplements might work for others, but may not do the same thing for you. And to prevent having allergic reactions, professional opinion, and help are very much needed.

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