Stagnant Weight LossWhy can’t I lose any more weight? In the event that you are following the right diet and never fail in doing your exercise regime, the first thing that you really expect to happen is to see yourself slim in front of the mirror. However, if what you are seeing is not satisfying you and is making you think there is something wrong in your diet program, then allow us to dispel this thinking right away, since what is happening to you right now is that you might have reached the weight loss plateau.

However, before you get tense and start to panic, we will remind you that the situation wherein your body is not capable of losing weight for a while is just a normal thing to experience. Yes, you should not yet push that panic button yet, since all you have to do is to reassess your weight loss program and see if there are things that you need to adjust. Remember, the weight loss plateau is also experienced by others, so there is no reason Stagnant Weight Loss1for you to think of anything that can discourage and stop you from pursuing your desired weight.

According to a medical study, the normal speed for weight loss is at the rate of 1-2 pounds each week. If you will take some time to study how most diet programs work, you will realize that the first stage or the time that you first start a weight loss program, you will notice that getting rid of your excess body fats is fast and easy.  However, as you continue in following your diet, you will notice that weight loss is becoming slow and stagnant.

A slow or stagnant weight loss is common especially if you are not dieting or doing a regular exercise. You might also be eating more foods than the one you are supposed to consume. In other words, there are specific reasons why you stop from losing weight, which will require you to verify the reasons and make your move to resolve it.

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