Want To Be HealthyAfter all that’s said (and done), still the best way to lose weight is not by skipping meals or starving yourself, but through eating right and moving more.

A person’s desire to find the easiest way to lose weight is the reason why tons of different kinds of diet fads have come out from time immemorial. Diet fads that if not forcing them to spend more (as some can be ridiculously expensive), some just give such disappointing results, while some that seemed to work (you think) immediately returns the weight just by making one wrong move.

The truth is there’s no easy way to achieve a totally fit body that can last forever. Everything comes with a price, and in the case of losing weight and actually maintaining it, you just have to work for it, literally.

You may say that running for an hour gives you nothing but sweat and a tired body compared to starving yourself for a day to fit in your little black dress that you’ll wear to a party. If you’ll look it that way, you will really feel that exercise can’t really help you. But think about your well-being. What will become of you if you will continue to starve yourself or depriving yourself of some food that are supposed to provide the body with the necessary nourishment?

Compared to starvation and deprivation types of diets that will leave you not only hungry and undernourished but with dry skin, low energy, ill-tempered and depressed, doing regular exercise and eating the right food can give you a much desirable and permanent result.

While there are diet fads that may actually work, the weight goes back immediately the moment you stopped following it and returned to eating normally, putting all your efforts to waste just like that. Efforts that would have given you a more permanent result had you devoted through proper food and exercise.

Exercise doesn’t just help you burn calorie, it can actually do more than that.

Scientifically speaking, exercise increases the level of endorphins which actually improves our mood and sense of well-being. Compare that to feeling anxious, grouchy and having a very low energy when you’re starving yourself.

Want To Be Healthy1Taking about well-being, regular exercise not only can improve your mood but also a good way to increase your strength, manage your blood sugar, muscle mass and bone density without having to take a ton of supplements.

You can choose to do cardiovascular exercise regularly if you want to lower your cholesterol level, manage your high blood pressure, migraine and anxiety or when dealing with depression or menopause. It’s truly effective.

If that’s not enough, think about burning calories even while you’re at rest because of your elevated Basal Metabolic Rate, all thanks to regular exercise.

All of the above benefits and seeing how it can actually help your body increases your awareness and makes you more conscious of what you give it, including the right kinds of food that you should eat (and how much of it) to keep your healthy goals in place.

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